MASEx Listing Service

MASEx will feature several listing boards: the Universal Board, Premier Board, Venture Board, and Entry Board.

The Universal Board will adopt AI-based continuous due diligence on companies with a monthly reporting standard, which will be achieved by using cloud-based internal controls and accounting systems. A monthly report, U.S. or International GAAP audit, and annual report will be required. The Premier, Venture, and Entry Boards are targeted at businesses requiring lower levels of compliance, respectively.

MASEx’s compliance strategy involves the use of smart tokens, such as Ethereum Security Token Standard - ERC-1400. The security token issuance compliance platform will be through strategic partners to cover global investors. This is one of the key advantages of STOs wherein cross-border investments become more frictionless compared to traditional securities investments.

MASEx also plans to engage emerging economies by enabling unbanked and underbanked populations to participate in its AI-driven decentralized financial system through tokenized transactions. This includes purchase of single- or multi-fiat based stablecoins, tokenized REITs, equity and debt mutual funds, index funds, and other security instruments, among others.